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About us

Take Control of Your Online Presence

Qrolli Social Platform is a user-owned social network built on the Qrolli Protocol, designed to empower creators to own and control their online presence. The platform is built with a modular architecture, allowing for customization and integration with other applications. Qrolli Social Platform provides lightning-fast connections to help users connect with the right audience and is secured on the blockchain, giving users complete control over their content and audience.

Unlock the Power of Your Qrolli ID

Dynamic NFTs

Show your creativity and personality with a unique Qrolli ID that can be customized with GIFs and avatars.

Immutable History

Qrolli ID allows the recording and storage of a user’s entire history on-chain, ensuring complete and immutable ownership of their online identity and content.

Easy Integration

Qrolli ID’s smart contract is easy to integrate into other decentralized applications, providing a user-owned and secure identity layer for any Web3 application.


Token Name: Qrolli

Symbol: QR

Total Tax: 5%

Operations: 4%

Auto LP: 1%

Total Supply: 3,500,000,000 QR

Initial Liquidity: 2000$


Phase 1

  • Fair Launch
  • Social Media Creation Website Launch
  • Platform Sneak Peak
  • DexTools Update
  • CG/CMC Listing

Phase 2

  • Beta Launch
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Whitepaper Release
  • .dotQR Domain Name
  • NFT Collection
  • Built In NFT Marketplace

Phase 3

  • Platform Fully Launch
  • Wallet/Portfolio ‍‍
  • AMA and Partnerships
  • CEX listings
  • Decentralized Storage
  • Token Analytics
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